Windows Defender ATP

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Project Description

Project Brief:

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is aimed at helping businesses deal with serious threats by using machine learning to protect Windows 10 devices. The feature builds a profile of how a computer behaves, and then alerts IT managers if it starts acting in a way that’s indicative of a security breach. If the system detects an attack, it will provide administrators with recommended steps to remediate it.

I worked closely with product managers, data scientists, developers and the UI designer to design interactive advanced  analytics and reporting tools while gaining a deep understanding of the “expert user” motivations and workflows

Artboards & Process Highlights

User Research

The users of this platform were experts. By using User Research methodologies I analysed their pain points, goals and environment. Afterwards I combined my findings with the given technology and provided potential solutions.

Information Architecture

After I suggested solutions based on the given technology and the User research findings, I grouped the information clusters and decided on the content hierarchy of the software.

Interaction Design

I created Low Fidelity wireframes based on expected user’s workflow in the software. I passed them to Development so it would be easy to get a proof of concept as fast as possible.

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